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Tzena, Zona
Panorama of Kožuf
Highest point
Elevation2,171 m (7,123 ft)
Coordinates41°13′00″N 22°10′00″E / 41.21667°N 22.16667°E / 41.21667; 22.16667Coordinates: 41°13′00″N 22°10′00″E / 41.21667°N 22.16667°E / 41.21667; 22.16667
Kožuf is located in Republic of North Macedonia
LocationBorder between Macedonia and Greece

Kožuf mountain or Tzena / Zona (Greek: Τζένα/Tzena, Ζώνα/Zona, Macedonian: About this sound ) is a mountain situated in the southern part of North Macedonia and northern part of Greece.

Its most western parts reach the river Blashnica, and the north-western side stretches in a line, from the Mrezhichko village via the village of Konopishte, through the course of Boshava to the city of Demir Kapija. Kozuf is a specific mountain because it is the first natural barrier in the Republic of Macedonia that is directly exposed to the influences of the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. Its highest peak is Zelenbeg (or Portes), at 2,171 meters above the sea level.

A new and modern ski center was built recently[when?] on the mountain. A ski jumping hill was going to be built in 2009 and was planned to be completed in spring 2010.[1][needs update]


Panorama of Kožuf.

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